Pages from the Summer 2015 issue of Preservation Magazine


Built in 1961 to house a nuclear research reactor for the University of Washington's burgeoning nuclear engi­neering program, the glass-walled More Hall Annex was unique at the time of its construction for transpar­ently putting this radical new technology on display. The reactor itself was permanently shut down in 1988, as interest in the field declined ,and the Seattle build­ ing has sat vacant ever since. In the fall of 2014, the university announced plans to build a 130,000-square­ foot Computer Science and Engineering building and is considering the land currently inhabited by the More Hall Annex, pending the results of an environmental impact statement. As of press time, groups such as Docomomo WEWA, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Seattle,and concerned members of the university community were exploring alterna­ tives to demolition. -Katherine Flynn

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