Historic Nuclear Reactor Building on UW campus. 

Historic Nuclear Reactor Building on UW campus. 

By Knute Berger

Back in 2008, a group of University of Washington students and preservationists rose up to oppose the demolition of the More Hall Annex on the UW campus. Otherwise known as the Nuclear Reactor Building, the annex is a very cool piece of architecture and history.

Built like a mid-century concrete cabana, the Nuke Building was the result of an unusual collaboration of the university’s top architectural talent of the 1960s — architects Wendell Lovett, Gene Zema and Daniel Streissguth. The trio designed a structure that could safely house a small “teaching reactor” for student nuclear engineers, but also included enough windows to make the secretive process of generating nuclear energy literally more transparent.

It was shedding light on what goes on in the bunker.

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